miercuri, 25 iunie 2008

Snowman - We Are The Plague

The first video from Snowman's new album 'The Horse, The Rat and The Swan' out now.

MySpace: Snowman

vineri, 20 iunie 2008

The Rushes - What You Waiting For

The official video for 'What You Waiting For' by The Rushes.

Gonzales - Working Together

Amazing video for the new Gonzales single "Working Together".

Kevin Drew - Safety Bricks

jenseits - emile cioran

Wolf & Cub - One To The Other

The new single from Wolf & Cub, produced by Christopher Colonna of the Bumblebeez.

Forward Russia - Breaking Standing

Breaking Standing is off the new album, Life Processes, out 7/22/2008 on Mute. The video was directed by Paul Morricone.

Jack Conte - Lonely Ghost

A VideoSong is a new Medium with two rules:
1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

Kaki King - Air And Kilometers

Kaki King - "Air & Kilometers" music video, from her new album, Dreaming Of Revenge, available now. Video directed by Ingrid K Brooker.

Hercules and Love Affair - You Belong

Hercules And Love Affair continue their disco revolution with the release of the brand new single 'You Belong' on July 7th. Taken from their critically acclaimed debut album and sung by the fabulous Nomi it's a mixture of cowbells and desire, synthesizers and lust with a sprinkling of Inner City's magnificent 'Good Life', all topped off with Antony's backing vocals for good measure.

The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go

Mates of State - My Only Offer

sâmbătă, 14 iunie 2008

sâmbătă, 7 iunie 2008

Captain Dum Dum - Fever

Mixel Pixel - Let's Be Friends

Mixel Pixel - Last Song

Irmin Schmidt and Kumo - Kick On the Floods

Alltruisms- Nine Digit Number

Video for the song Nine Digit Number, the first single from the new Alltruisms album, Clusterbombs on Gravel Records.

The Pharmacy - Tropical Yeti Song

Although you might expect to see a giant hairy animal sipping a mixed drink on some barren island, the music video for The Pharmacy’s song “Tropical Yeti Song” portrays exactly nothing of that nature. This catchy synth-like melodic song is easy to follow along with and is jolly in nature. Once again The Pharmacy is up to their usual frolicking and nonsense and truly does bring out the character and persona of the band. Check them out on Myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/pharmacy

The Pharmacy - Little Toys On A Shelf

The Pharmacy is the definition of Indie Rock. Their new music video for “Little Toys on a Shelf”’ off of their album Choose Yr Own Adventure, is completely shot by a hand-held camera, which connects you to the music with a comforting sense of home. This easy-to-listen-to track lifts your spirits, and complemented with the video, takes you on a trip reminiscing of your favorite vacation filled with playful antics and time spent with friends.

MP3: The Pharmacy - Little Toys On A Shelf

We Were The States - Up Your Sleeve

Rhythmically driven with heavy fluctuating bass lines leading the way, the music video for “Up Your Sleeve” by We Were States takes you on a electrifying ride to a dingy club filled with beautiful women, some sketchy characters and enough vendetta to satisfy the even most lustful. Off of their new album, Believe The Thieves, these self-claimed garage rockers are saturated with so much energy, it is impossible not to get up and dance and rock out. We Were States is a straight up no-frills band with charisma to spare. Check them out on Myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/thestates

MP3: We Were The States - Up Your Sleeve

Bridges and Powerlines - Uncalibrated

Definitely don’t miss out on the new single by Bridges and Powers called “Uncalibrated” which is as much fun as it looks. The music video depicts our long lost favorite, the sock-puppet, rocking out to this German-pop-like song. Headed with heavy synthesizers, this upbeat song starts off on a fast beat and stays that way the entire length of the song. Their new album Ghost Types was just released, so be sure to check it out before everyone else! Check them out on Myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/bridgesandpowerlines

MP3: Bridges and Powerlines - Uncalibrated

Throw Me The Statue - Lolita

Video for the song "Lolita" by Throw Me The Statue from the Secretly Canadian release Moonbeams. Video directed by Matt Daniels.

The Corrections - OCD

The Brunettes - Small Town Crew

Gutter Twins - Idle Hands

Said The Whale - This City's A Mess

Video for 'This City's A Mess' by Vancouver indie-rock band Said The Whale. The new record "Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia" is out June 3rd in Canada!

joi, 5 iunie 2008

"Hi Hot Video Cup,

I'm emailing from the Green Man Music Festival in the UK. I love your site and I wanted to get in touch and say hi.

We've just announced our final line up for this year's festival on 15th, 16th and 17th August 2008 which includes Peth, Spiritiualized, and Super Furry Animals (you can see the whole line up below).

But we are looking for one last band to open the festival. We want your help and the music loving public's help us discover this band. So we started a search called Green Poll.

This is how it works:
- Bands register for Green Poll on our site http://www.thegreenmanfestival.co.uk/greenpoll
- The public vote for the bands they like and get a chance to win a pair of tickets
- Band with most votes plays Green Man attended by 10,000 people and they also get 6 extra tickets

Anybody can enter Green Poll signed or unsigned. There's tickets to be won, and new bands to discover.

I thought you and your readers would be perfect to help us find the right band. So it'd be really cool if you can mention it on your site."

TIAC - Management

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning

The Fairline Parkway - Westward Bound

Westward Bound from g. perris on Vimeo.

XX Teens - Only You